Well Hello There!

Wow, so it’s been awhile guys! Let me fill you in on life here at the Hellstrom Household!

So Matthew and I went to San Diego to visit my family, and this was his first airplane ride! It was his first plane ride and I am proud to say he did amazing! And we had such a wonderful time! You can follow me on Instagram to see some beautiful pics from our trip! @mamabearluv21

We had the chance to visit so many wonderful places there, and are even thinking of moving to Cali in the next few years. We drove up to Julian, CA and it was AMAZING! What beautiful sights and nice people there. And the fudge, OMG! To diiiiieee for! Delicious! We also saw the ocean of course. It was cold lol, but still so much fun. Again, follow me on Instagram to see more!

So today is mothers day, and it’s a tough but wonderful day for me. I am thankful for all the strong women in my life. Being a woman is a wonderful thing. Hard, but life is hard for everyone. Matthew’s mom got me a lovely silver chain bracelet that says “Mom” on one side and “Evelyn Grace Hellstrom” on the other. It’s so beautiful and touching. And so very thoughtful of her. But she is always thoughtful and I can say I am very lucky that she welcomes me into her family. What an amazing person she is ❤

So I hope you all are doing well and I must say I have missed writing here! But we have been so busy that I haven’t even thought about writing. Which is good for me to stay busy….

OH, how could I forget, I applied at Ulta and Sephora, because I want to become a MUA and/or cosmetologist. So I am pretty sure one of them has to hire me right?!!? LOL anyways, I will keep you all posted and will of course share my knowledge with you all as I learn new things :] And please share question and comments with me so I can learn as bring that with me to work and daily life.

So again, I have missed you lovelies and I hope you are having a wonderful Mother’s Day

Much Love ❤



I have Runner’s Knee….. I DON’T EVEN RUN! LOL! Seriosuly, it’s like I’m an old person and I am already falling apart or something…. So it’s my tendons rubbing together funny under my knee cap. Could have been caused by anything, and I am a nanny so picking up a child all the time and doing stuff like that. I am not an avid gym-goer. So when I woke up in the middle of the night, in serious pain, I was confused. But doing stretches and taking ibuprofen should do the trick.

So, since my birthday, I am on a serious “no buy”. We have other things to pay for, car payments, insurance, rent…. Food…. You know? Adult stuff. But all I want to do is buy makeup and clothes! LOL! Is it just me? I doubt it… :] But this is all new to me, so maybe I am just not used to the feeling of having new things that I earned. Nice, girly, flowery type stuff that I picked out and bought just for myself. Because I liked it. It feels great! But NO MORE SPENDING! For now….

I feel like it has been awhile since I have written.. Maybe not… But on my birthday, April 4th, 2015, was the six month mark of our Daughter Evelyn Grace passing away. Ugh….. What a heartache we have. Really, it’s never going to change. I will always have a little piece of my heart that lives in Heaven. But I can say that each day gets easier to handle. Each day brings new things, especially my new love for the sun. Grief plus winter do NOT mix. This last winter was the worst winter I have ever experienced and I just wanted it to be over. It seemed to drag on forever, even though last year there was still snow on the ground at this time. But when the sun shines now, I love it! It feels like….. freeing.. like I can smile and be happy and go outside. Live.

Well my loves, I’m out. HOW I HAVE MISSED YOU!!!!! ❤


Today is my birthday!!!! WHOOO!! I’m 22… Lol I don’t feel much different. But I had a wonderful day. My stepdad took us to see the globetrotters!!! It was amazing, so hilarious. IF you have never seen them before, I highly suggest it!!! ❤ But I am going to keep this short, because I am WIPED OUT! I love you all and I hope you have a happy easter if you celebrate. If not have a lovely, relaxing, beautiful Sunday tomorrow… or today… depends on where you are ❤

More Makeup?

Ok…. So seriously I am terrible at saving money! My birthday is April 4th, so literally days away. But today my boyfriend and I went to Target and of course, I wandered to the makeup section. I bought some new elf stuff!!! Whooooo, can’t go wrong with Elf. It’s all under 6 dollars, so I guess I can’t get down on myself. Hey, I’m actually saving money by shopping Elf rather than MAC or Sephora.

So I am expecting a package.. from Sephora. LOL! On Friday :] It will contain three free samples and my brow gel from Benefit! I LOVE BENEFIT! They are seriously amazing! And the price is NOT BAD! Can’t go wrong with Benefit either…. So I am going to post my Elf Haul video on my channel soon. But I have uploaded another video or two since I last wrote here. So please check them out and show me some love! I will of course subscribe to your channel if you have one!!!! Love for love right? That’s the way I see it! I will post the link to my channel on here. Also, follow me on Instagram and pinterest. I love being able to share my ideas with you and also hearing all your ideas and DIY’s. All that good stuff :] SHOW SOME LOVEEEEE!!! ❤


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Let’s Talk Beauty!

Ok, so I am pretty new to this whole cosmetics thing. Never watched my mom do her makeup like all the girls in movies say they get to… JEALOUS! But I guess it’s a good thing too. Because now I don’t have a fall back look. Like, how my mom did her lips or eyes. I have to fully discover on my own, what I like to wear.

So I have been going to Sephora within the last month to see what the real difference is between high end and drugstore. Quality, Sephora wins for the most part. Quantity, Sephora wins for the most part. But Price, oh my God GUUURRLLL! Does the drugstore win by miles! I have a few drugstore products that seem like they could be worth millzzz! Working like a charm, doing everything they need to do for me. But Saturday, I went to Sephora and had them contour my face with the chubby sticks…… I forget what brand they were. But they were flawless! I loved it. But it was $45 for the set of three! SAY WUUT!! That’s spendy for some stuff I put on my face just to change the shape of it. Then wipe it off later…. I might have to rethink my strategy of entering the land of beauty!……

So at Sephora I purchased the First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream. 6oz. for $28. But this stuff is like freaking velvet! And you only need a tiny bit to moisturize your whole face! Seriously, WORTH! And since my birthday is coming up on the 4th, I got NARS chubby lip pencils as my gift from Sephora. One is a beautiful red velvet matte in Cruella, the other is a pinkish neutral satin in Rikugiel or something like that…. WTF DOES THAT EVEN MEAN?!? Seriously if you know, tell me…. German maybe?

I am a cheap skate, when it comes to beauty products, I have heard lots of good things about wet n wild. If there are things I MUST try, let me know in the comments!!!

New Stuff is Nice :]

I GOT THE CAR!! Whooooop! We went with a 2013 Kia Soul +. Everyone, I am in love! What a great car! Seriously, it gets great gas mileage and it’s such a smooth ride! And Miles, the child I nanny, thinks it’s awesome that it has the bluetooth so I can make phone calls, hands free in the car :] The little things like that are so amazing. I am truly thankful for my State Farm agent, she is the one who helped us through all the financing and adult stuff that we didn’t know about :]

My boyfriend and I were leaving the house to go to the grocery store last night, and as I was waiting for him, a couple sitting in there car started talking to me. They were asking about the car, and I was telling them all the great things about it. The man started telling us, Matt was there by then, about how he had been arrested late last night for something that had happened to him a few years back. No way to say if he was telling the truth, but if what he said was true, I feel bad for him. Something about how some crazy girl called the cops on him and said that he hit her when he didn’t. And had witnesses saying that he was innocent. But because he is a young, black male with dreads, no one listened. They didn’t care what he had to say. And they were literally sitting in the car, reading a bible. He said he found peace in that book. He flipped to a random page, and got exactly what he needed. In my first post, I mentioned that Matt and I prayed when we found out that we were going to have a baby. We prayed for her to be healthy, strong, and safe. And even though both of us are on the fence about God, we still do it to this day. And we shared our story of loss and grief with them. It was so nice to just talk to random strangers about pain and anger and sadness. They understood, we are all in pain. Everyone is fighting a battle, you might not relate, but you can always try to understand how they are feeling. And they were that way with us. It was truly a great moment.

So anyways, I want to tell you all that I hope I never have to wait three hours at a dealership, again! And if you have been through that, I know you get it! It’s so insanely boring! Although, they at least had the game show network on. DEAL OR NO DEAL! Lol, I never watched that show before, but it was pretty intense. But honestly, I guess looking back, the wait was worth it. I love our new car, and it is already making our lives easier. If you don’t have State Farm Insurance, you are MISSING OUT! They are great :] I guess if you have a good agent, that makes a huge difference. Shawn has a person to person bond with me, not just a customer, agent bond. I trust her, and she does everything she can to help me. Maybe it’s because she’s a mom….. Or maybe she is just a wonderful person. Probably both….

If you want something in life, DO IT! GO FOR IT! Seriously, you deserve it.